BSBG attends ME BIM Summit 2018

BSBG’s BIM Co-ordinator Beenish Noor was in attendance at the ME BIM Summit 2018, held for the third consecutive year in Dubai at the Habtoor Grand. During the summit, a number of key issues for the construction industry were put forward and discussed within forums and panels, as the theme for the event focused on the future – in particular the impact that the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Augmented Reality (AR) could have on the built form.

BIM Summit Highlights

The future of BIM will not be BIM

One of the highlights of the event was a panel discussion that considered the impact technology is having on the way we design and build structures. Generative Design, Machine Learning and AI can help designers to optimise their approach, while also contributing to the provision of sustainable design solutions. However, it was suggested, more work needs to be done on educating the construction industry locally in the UAE about the need to evolve with the technology that is available. In addition, panelists discussed the inevitability of much construction is moving off-site, with pre-fabrication having become the norm in many aspects of architecture.BIM Summit futureThe conversation then centered around BIM, and how Connected BIM (involving cloud collaboration and coordination) must be embraced in the region. Also discussed was the role of the BIM Manager and BIM Coordinator within organisations. BSBG’s BIM Coordinator is Beenish Noor, and he was our representative at the ME BIM Summit 2018. “When we talk about the future for BIM and the possibilities new software holds, it surprises me that a point often overlooked is computing power,” Beenish says. “Unfortunately, while new and exciting tools and software are available, if the hardware does not have the power to efficiently run these programs on projects where the BIM models are exceptionally large, they are effectively rendered inoperable. Enhanced computing power needs to become more affordable and advanced, and then the most innovative and productive BIM software can be pushed to its highest potential, able to run without restriction.”

BIM vs Digital Transformation

Also discussed during the summit was BIM’s role in instigating the digital transformation of the construction industry. Many of the digital initiatives that we see having already been introduced, or on the horizon, have come to be dependent upon BIM. The region must accelerate the widespread adoption of BIM in order to benefit from the advancements extended by digitisation.BIM SummitAnother topic of great interest, and one which has been considered within the pages of the BSBG blog previously, is the issue of just how Big Data can have an effect on BIM and architecture as a whole. From streamlining working practices to predicting outcomes in advance of project inception, Big Data in architecture certainly holds many possibilities, however, as the panel were quick to point out, there is much work to be done before the impact of Big Data can be fully realised – in particular, coming to an agreement on exactly who owns the data from a specific project, and exactly how they are permitted to extract and use it.

Asset Management

During the summit, a case study was presented of an Asset Information Model (AIM). An Asset Information Model is effectively a compilation of all the data and information required to support the role of asset management. During the presentation, the process of delivering an Asset Information Model was detailed, including the correct tools to implement and the challenges that must be overcome in producing a fully detailed model that enable the client (whether a facilities manager or business owner) to maintain the built asset. “This was a hugely informative presentation,” Beenish remarks. “At BSBG we strive to offer the highest level of detail in the final model to facilitate management of the building in the most effective means possible. There were some good ideas and insights put forward, many of which I will look to apply in our own approach towards Asset Information Models.”BIM Summit 2018BSBG has, over the course of the last decade, become one of the international market leaders in BIM. Continual development and review of BIM practices throughout the group has served to enhance its BIM capabilities, and each project features a 100% BIM workflow from inception. Beenish says that for any architectural practice with aspirations of taking a position at the forefront of BIM, presence at events such as the ME BIM Summit is a must. “BSBG’s reputation is as a forward thinking architectural group capable of delivering complex packages of information, utilising BIM to its full capacity. We are and will continue to remain extremely active in the BIM community, as a BIM advocate, and in promoting its use for the benefit of our clients. By attending the BIM Summit, and various other strategically important BIM-related events throughout the course of the calendar year, we remain a key player, staying up-to-date with the latest industry news and advancements, and sharing knowledge, experience and expertise with our contemporaries.”

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