We are pleased to announce that Technical Manager Chris Brown and Senior Architectural Technicians David Roberts, Alan McIntyre and Richard Griffiths have passed their CIAT professional assessment and interviews to become Chartered Architectural Technologists. The MCIAT status is recognition of the technical team’s skills and competence in Architectural Technology and is evidence of BSBG’s capabilities in the industry and commitment to providing technical excellence on every project. This is a great achievement for both the individuals and BSBG who have demonstrated their abilities in Architectural design and Construction Technology.


The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) is the lead qualifying body for Architectural Technology and represents those practicing and studying within the discipline. The Institute has its own Royal Charter and under this Charter the objects are:

  1. To promote, for the benefit of society, the science and practice of Architectural Technology;
  2. To facilitate the development and integration of technology into architecture and the wider construction industry to continually improve standards of service for the benefit of industry and of society;
  3. To uphold and advance the standards of education, competence, practice and conduct of members of the Institute thereby promoting the interests, standing and recognition of Chartered Members within the industry and the wider society.


The team was required to complete a professional assessment and produce evidence that demonstrated their competence in the four core areas; designing, managing, practicing and self development. They were also required to provide an in-depth critical analysis clearly summarising their professional experience referring to challenges and successes encountered whilst working on projects.

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The second stage consisted of a 45 minute professional interview assessed by industry experts, who are Chartered Architectural Technologists themselves. The technical team was able to determine their level of experience and professionalism within Architectural Technology and therefore confirmed their eligibility to become a Chartered Architectural Technologists, MCIAT.


Technical Manager Chris Brown has been actively involved in raising the awareness and presence of CIAT in the Middle East and Africa Region whilst also securing a place on the ME&A CIAT Committee.

To find out more information about the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists please click on the link below: