BSBG Vietnam attends ATCM seminar

BSBG Vietnam’s technical team attended an ATCM seminar at the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, entitled: “The needs of Architectural Technology and Construction Management (ATCM) workforce in the context of globalisation”.

The seminar, hosted by University College of Northern Denmark (UCN) to welcome students enrolled on the next academic year’s ATCM course, was attended by Senior Architectural Technician Alan Gander, and Architectural Technician Tom Dryburgh. Alan joined a panel discussion on stage, in which he provided an overview of BSBG’s global presence, fielding questions from the audience and highlighting the exciting opportunities young architects can encounter as a result of successfully completing the internationally acclaimed ATCM course.Architectural Technology and Construction Management ATCMThe ATCM Bachelor’s course was launched by UCN in Vietnam last year by René Larsen, former Asia Director of the UCN Global Office. René’s role in launching the course in Vietnam saw the first year of the Bachelor’s exceed all expectations, and his work will now be continued by Dr Binh Duc Hoang, as interest in the ATCM course continues to go from strength to strength, and continued globalisation increases demand for skilled technologists and technicians throughout Asia and beyond. For more on this, look out for a forthcoming blog written by BSBG Vietnam’s Loc Do on the rise of BIM throughout Asia.

As the first batch of students on the ATCM course in Vietnam complete their initial year of studies, and the second group of new recruits prepare to embark on the journey towards achieving a Bachelor’s, Alan Gander explains to us that a new era of sophistication and advancement in architecture is on the horizon in Vietnam, as developers and investors are beginning to look to a higher standard that will bring better long term returns on projects. “There is a noticeable shift occurring in the way developers approach their projects here in Ho Chi Minh City,” Alan says. “We are witnessing an increase in the standard of projects in Vietnam, as well as a demand for higher quality delivery services, and the realisation that a building should be sustainable in the long term for increased profit margins. A large part of this can be attributed to globally recognised leaders in architecture such as UCN and BSBG establishing a presence here. It’s an exciting time for architecture in Vietnam now, as we see the international standard of architectural technology is beginning to be embraced in projects across the country.”Architectural Technology and Construction Management ATCMBSBG is fully invested in the Vietnamese market, with a vision for long term growth and a commitment to making a notable contribution to the advancement of design and delivery in the country. Vietnam became the first international office to be established in new locations around the world, and the BSBG brand now extends its reach globally from the hub of Dubai to incorporate both Asia and Europe.

BSBG and ATCM partnership

Last year, BSBG sponsored UCN’s launch of the ATCM course in Asia, with Lead Architectural Technologist and former Office Manager Mark Vaughan announcing BSBG’s contribution to a scholarship on the course for two prize winners, in a competition entitled ‘Scholarship for GREEN Environment’. The BSBG connection with UCN goes further back than the launch of the ATCM in Vietnam, however, as Job Captain Joanna Slowik, who is currently working on ICD Brookfield Place, is a graduate from the Danish ATCM, and former intern Anel Shakir also completed a six-month placement at BSBG Vietnam while studying at UCN.Architectural Technology and Construction Management plays an integral role in the BSBG proposition, with a global team of 10 Architectural Technologists making a vital contribution to the BSBG reputation as an international BIM leader; capable of delivering architectural solutions on complex and intricate projects across sectors, and adopting a 100% BIM workflow from inception. The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) in London is a valued partner of the group, and this partnership with the prestigious UK-based organisation has been instrumental to BSBG establishing its distinguished reputation in BIM.


The ATCM hosted by UCN in Vietnam is just one of a number of long standing relationships BSBG has developed with many of the world’s top architectural universities and colleges. Other valued partners of the group in the educational sector include The Bartlett, Sheffield Hallam University, Canadian University Dubai, American University of Sharjah, and the American University in Dubai.

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