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Greg White

Finance Director

“BSBG is a highly driven, very well-oiled machine with the highest standards you’re likely to see, and this all starts from the very top level of the organsiation.”

Greg manages the finance department, assuming control of critical items such as cost control, budgetary analysis. resources and payments. His role also involves the provision of timely, accurate information, detailed analysis and reports to the group’s senior partners, advising on strategic decisions geared towards helping the company move in the right direction.

Since joining BSBG, Greg has implemented a number of streamlined processes which have dramatically improved the efficiency of the department and the wider company. He has been responsible for the adoption of new software and innovative new systems, all of which have comprehensively optimised the financial department’s procedures and output. Greg continues to play a pivotal role in the international expansion of the group, providing market projections, advice and analysis targeted at ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the group.

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