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Building Information Modelling (BIM) has transformed the way in which we design and deliver projects, providing us with the tools and techniques that derive optimal performance throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.      

We are committed to remaining at the forefront of the continually evolving technical design process. Having become an early-stage adopter of BIM and its associated software, we have developed a rich understanding of the way in which 3D modelling and environmental simulation feed into a sophisticated and efficient process, incorporating each stage from concept. BIM provides us with an intelligent reference model to enable best in class design and delivery from start to finish. 

Rationalising design 

Through the use of BIM we are granted unparalleled access to every detailed component of design, which means we can assess efficiency, perform in-depth clash detection and suggest measures that can save the client time and cost, without compromising the quality of the final product. The fact we are able to perform these functions at the early design phase serves to streamline project workflow and minimise the impact of any identified issues as the project moves to site. 

A depth of information 

The way in which BIM opens up project information to all stakeholders and concerned parties is unprecedented. At any stage of construction, the building model is accessible to all, while updates are embedded in real time so as stakeholders can understand the impact of changes holistically when applied to the entire project. 

It is the depth of information BIM makes available to help project designers understand the implications of their choices that has proved so transformative to intelligent building design. From environmental impact on materials and thermal performance, to weight loads and water pressure, our level of design awareness has never in the history of construction been this advanced.  

A communicative tool for modern building management

Furthermore, the intelligent model provides many additional benefits for stakeholders which extend beyond building design, clash detection and schedules. A 4D model adds the factors of construction programme and time. This is further augmented with 5D which adds quantity and cost. This model can then be utilised upon project completion for building and facilities management.  

BIM provides a gateway for FMs to make informed decisions across the lifecycle of the building, relating to key components such as use of space use, asset maintenance and energy consumption. Any issues arising can be quickly diagnosed, long term performance can be predicted, and building managers report fewer equipment and asset failures as a result of BIM integration. The information available to maintenance engineers comes in the form of a 3D asset visualisation which includes the location, service history, specification, and contract information; all this is available in advance of a site visit, which both reduces the requirement for repeat visits and improves response times.

100% BIM workflow

We continue to expand and share our BIM expertise with clients and partners across the world, building on our long-standing reputation as a leading advocate of the process. Every BSBG project benefits from 100% BIM workflow from concept, which allows the flow of information between our designers, engineers, architectural technologists and technical delivery teams, and to external contractors and consultants. Our aim is to maintain clear communication and open collaboration through our use of BIM, resulting in heightened productivity, fast-track delivery, and a portfolio that displays industry-leading technical efficiency when we assess the way in which each was designed and constructed.

The prestige of BIM

Our implementation of BIM at an early stage of its development has contributed to our design and delivery of numerous highly ambitious projects, the success of which can be measured by the influence many went on to have. BIM made it possible for us to deliver Masdar City’s IRENA Headquarters building, the bastion of sustainability for the architectural industry in the Middle East. A similarly impressive second development, Masdar N1R, was later delivered featuring many of the same energy-efficient initiatives but in the form of an innovation-led residential development.

Complex and large scale developments such as Bluewaters Residences and ICD Brookfield Place are truly transformative architectural monuments in Dubai, fulfilled through the intelligent application of BIM.

The BIM Team

Mark Vaughan

Associate Director

Andrew Osula

Lead Digital Coordinator

Ahmad Al Homsi

Senior BIM Coordinator

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