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Construction Supervision

Our technical supervision expertise is the reassuring factor that gives our clients full confidence in their projects

Our specialist construction teams provide technical supervision for some of the most demanding and technically complex projects in the world. Our role is to ensure that the approved project design is built to the highest quality and with the highest health and safety standards in place, within agreed timeframes and budgets. For clients, our portfolio and proven track record in successful project delivery provides a guarantee of project success.

We also offer a vital source of support for contractors working on projects, ensuring a complete understanding of the design through BIM and Revit, as well as providing assistance in the sourcing of correct materials and completing regular reviews of the construction programme.  

As an experienced construction supervision specialist, our uncompromising attention to detail, combined with honesty, integrity and transparency in our approach to quality delivery, serves as an invaluable component of a successful project team.  

Safeguarding project delivery 

From design management and coordination, planning and project management to technical supervision, our teams take ownership of project delivery that goes well beyond what is commonly provided. We have extensive experience of providing first-class support for construction projects of all scale.

This varied and comprehensive experience ensures any potential project risks are identified at the earliest stage, so as meaningful action can be taken to avoid unnecessary additional costs or delays. We also work closely with all local government authorities, which ensures full compliance with related regulations and standards.  

A methodical and considered approach

Key attributes we bring to project supervision include an aptitude for planning, leadership and a unique depth of attention to detail. Our methodical and in-depth approach to projects begins prior to contractor appointments and continues throughout the construction period, until final handover.  

We understand the value and importance of working collaboratively with all contractors and stakeholders on our projects and this is reflected in our outstanding HSE record. In 2019, we were the recipient of two awards for Health & Safety, one for the ICD Brookfield Place project, and another for Emaar’s BLVD Crescent.  

The Construction Supervision Team

Charl Magro

Director of Construction

Hameed Seyed


Muneer Ahmed

Senior Project Manager

Shajahan Shahib


Abdul Rahman Qureshi

Senior Project Manager

John Abibas

Project Manager

Virudchalam Thangavel

Project Manager

Faustino Avenir

Senior Project Engineer

Zahid Kazi

Senior Project Engineer

Khurram Shahzad

Project Engineer

Rami Ebrahim

Lead Structural Engineer

James Finch

Lead Interior Designer

Bijoy Balagopal

Project Engineer

Roopesh Ayanikade

HSE Manager

Glenn Dumendeng

Project Engineer

Mohamed Nafeed

Project Inspector

Donn Jozwel Laroa

Project Engineer

Teodoro Almanzor

Project Engineer

Seyed Ibrahim

Project Engineer

Jerry Liongson

Project Engineer

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