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Design & Build

We’ve made Design & Build a formula to reduce risk, guarantee design quality and fast track construction 

Our extensive Design & Build portfolio is symbolic of our expertise in the execution of this unique type of collaborative construction process. It is our duty to our clients, many of whom we have been working alongside for decades and are counted among the world’s top developers, to find new and innovative ways to minimise their exposure to risk and reduce programme timescales, while helping to maximise productivity and profitability of the project.

In working as part of a Design & Build form of contract, we have accomplished these goals on significant developments that include The Opus, Dorchester Collection Hotel and Private Residences, IRENA Headquarters in Masdar City, and Addax Tower in Abu Dhabi, to name a few. In each of these projects we have worked closely with the main contractor to deliver first-rate solutions that go beyond client expectations in terms of efficiency and technical excellence.  

A Design & Build contract is a strategic initiative that, when executed efficiently, reduces risk exposure and streamlines the process of design to enable a project to move to site sooner. Our experience in the practice of Design & Build ensures this happens without compromising the quality of the design or construction of the project.

Enhancing collaboration 

We have been at the forefront of highlighting the benefits of Design & Build from our Middle East headquarters in Dubai. The additional benefits, some of which include enhanced cooperation between contractors and consultants, higher levels of productivity and enhanced clarity pertaining to the responsibilities of the contractor, are perfectly aligned with the needs of the market in the region. However, they are also suited to the international stage when undertaken by architects with the necessary depth of experience in executing projects under this form of contract.

Design & Build fosters a level of cooperation that no other contract can match. When there is a solid relationship and understanding between consultant and contractor, it is delivery of the project that reaps the benefits. 

The importance of choice

While the advantages of Design & Build are clear, it is important that the correct teams are in place to fully derive these positive effects. The first requirement must be to find a contractor and a consultant, each with prior experience in delivering high-end projects under this form of contract. The chosen partner needs to have in place a structure suited to the execution of Design & Build, with a holistic understanding of projects and a proactive approach. 

Design & Build as a procurement strategy has proven uniquely successful on projects with high-level technical demands. Success is driven by the choice of a company with the proven capability to execute it effectively.   

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