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Sustainable Architecture

Harnessing our technical expertise to create truly sustainable, green buildings

Our approach to sustainability in architecture seeks to comprehensively minimise the environmental impact of our buildings. This requires a conscientious strategy and a commitment to the methodical use of materials, energy and space throughout the project life cycle. 

This approach presents many challenges, however, we are renowned for our work in sustainable development based on our ability to find the right solutions. Within our portfolio, a number of internationally acclaimed and award-winning sustainable projects have resulted in both client and legislative expectations having been exceeded. 

Answering the demand for green thinking

Developers have a huge focus on sustainability in modern architecture, and the majority of our clients require the accomplishment of a strong LEED® rating for their developments. We have been responsible for the design and delivery of over 20 projects that have been awarded with various sustainable building certifications, including Al Sa’fat, the Estidama Pearl Rating system, and LEED® certification. 

We believe that the creation of buildings that provide an optimal end-user experience, while being both efficient in terms of resources and cost-efficient to operate, requires a depth of expertise in sustainable methodology that begins from the initial design stage. We have developed our expertise and an understanding of all the elements required to achieve sustainable and environmentally conscientious construction over a two-decade period.

Green leadership

By bringing together strategic partners in collaboration with our own team of sustainability experts, we have accomplished flagship projects that lead the way in terms of sustainable design. Our work on Masdar City, a leading example of a low-carbon sustainable urban development, includes the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Headquarters, and the Masdar N1R eco-residences. 

IRENA Headquarters became the first building to achieve a four pearl Estidama rating - the system introduced by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). Masdar N1R, meanwhile, achieved LEED® Gold status and a three pearl Estidama rating upon completion. Separately, in our consultancy role on the MOE Hilton Garden Inn project, the hotel was also able to achieve a LEED® Gold rating, and our design for Aloft City Centre Deira is also LEED® Gold rated. 

Innovation and pragmatism

We continue to work with our clients to assist them with realising their sustainability goals in the UAE and internationally. We do this by measuring building and construction performance alongside a unique set of parameters, which comprise water and energy use, environmental impact, human health and wellbeing, and efficient building operations.

With these goals and parameters in place, we are able to implement project strategies that focus on finding pragmatic and innovative solutions, helping to set the standard for sustainable design. 

Sustainable awards and commendations

  • ICD Brookfield Place | LEED® Platinum
  • IRENA Headquarters | LEED® Gold Rating | Estidama 4 Pearl Rating
  • Masdar N1R | LEED® Gold Rating | Estidama 4 Pearl Rating
  • Aloft City Centre Deira | LEED® Gold 
  • MOE Hilton Garden Inn | LEED® Gold 
  • Lamprell Corporate Headquarters | LEED® Certified
  • Bluewaters Mosque | Al Sa’fat Bronze
  • Banyan Tree Residences – Hillside Dubai | Al Sa’fat Bronze (target)


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