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Andrew Bereza

Senior Partner

“The quality of projects we work on, and the clients we proudly retain, all come as a result of our collective drive and ambition as a team.”

Andrew has spent more than 15 years overseeing business development and the delivery of large-scale projects for BSBG internationally. A Senior Partner within the international group, Andrew is a qualified Structural Engineer, and holds an MBA from the London Business School.

His recent focus has been on expanding BSBG’s network and areas of operation, taking responsibility for instilling the group’s international standards, and providing a coherent vision as BSBG’s principal in developing new markets.

Andrew’s ability to motivate people and drive projects forward has proved invaluable on countless developments within the BSBG portfolio. He demonstrates the value of positivity, passion and enthusiasm for design and construction; placing his trust in the teams he manages to get the best of the talent he takes charge of.

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