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Delivering best in class coordinated design packages, founded upon technical excellence and award-winning design ingenuity

Our reputation as an executive architect stems from continuously demonstrating that we understand how to build best-in-class architecture; how to maintain design intent while adhering to authority regulations, and deliver efficient, value-driven and high-quality final products for our clients. 

In the executive architect role, we immediately assume ownership of the project, managing and overseeing each stage of the design process, from concept through schematic and detailed design. We direct and coordinate the design teams and consultants across disciplines, ensuring collaboration between all parties, and finally producing first-class packages of information that guarantee the project can move forward seamlessly.

It is a tribute to our unique depth of design understanding, combined with strong technical and BIM expertise, that we have successfully collaborated with some of the world’s most celebrated design studios, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, United Network Studio Architects (UNS), and Foster + Partners, to deliver the design packages for several highly prestigious and complex projects. 

Maintaining design intent

We make it our business to always respect and uphold the design vision. As award-winning design architects ourselves, we understand the importance of embracing the concept and going to the extra lengths necessary to see this become reality; whether that be on a concept design completed by our own +studio, or with the vision of another architect. 

Throughout the development of the design, we provide a singular point of contact for all parties. From the design architects to structural, MEP and fire and life safety consultants, all information comes from, and is filtered through, our +executive team. Our experience enables us to understand all inputs that come through to us, while we also provide clarity on areas of the design that require more work or attention. We are continually managing and overseeing the output of all teams involved in the project, this ensures we understand the level of productivity and the standard of work produced across the board. 

Kevin Harper

Senior Partner

“The ultimate goal in our capacity as an executive architect is to present a design that produces the best possible result across the board for the client.”

The process

We begin by reviewing the initial design, assessing feasibility, and ensuring it is equipped to meet the client’s commercial and operational aspirations for the project; challenging certain aspects that don’t match the criteria, and adding our own technical insights and solutions as required. This can involve elements of re-design, or development of the existing proposal.

At this point, we are also working to establish a cohesive and collaborative alliance between the separate teams working on the project. Our experience has shown us the importance of establishing clear communication between parties from the initial stages of a project, and we take responsibility for ensuring this is in place.

Broad focus

Very quickly after the pre-concept stage commences, we insist upon the integration of the more technical components of the overall building design. A failure to take early-stage ownership of the functional elements of the building invariably results in a compromise to aesthetic quality further down the line. 

Our holistic view of integration and coordination has enabled us to produce high-level design packages for prestigious projects such as The Island, The Beach, ICD Brookfield Place, and Bluewaters Residences; the latter is an example of how our level of design coordination enabled piling to begin on site in advance of final schematic design completion. Shared characteristics of these projects are the sheer scale and complexity that goes into planning and coordinating every aspect of the design. 

Many of the projects on which we have provided our +executive service were fast-track, intensive programmes that required us to pool our resources and utilise our extensive experience to deliver the result our clients demand.

We continue to add value to projects through our BIM expertise, our knowledge and understanding of design and our experience in successfully coordinating some of the world’s most demanding and complex projects - in terms of scale, programme and budget.



The +executive Team

Kevin Harper

Senior Partner

Nick Turbott


Scott Orwin

Senior Partner

Demetri Tourtouras


Chris Brown


Alistair Bradley

Associate Director

Henrik Bautista


Mark Vaughan

Associate-Technical Operations Manager

Elliott Peters

Lead Architectural Technologist

Christopher Day


Gabrielle Robles

Lead Architect

Reagan Lu

Lead Architect

Jason Palmer

Senior Architect

Andrew Osula

Senior Digital Coordinator

Vasileios Bakas

Senior Architect

Adam Drawl

Senior Architect

Eman Kishk

Senior Authorities Architect

Ahmad Al Homsi

Senior BIM Coordinator

Loi Lopez

Project Architect

Samir El-Nagieb

Project Architect

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