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Interior Design

Collaborative, open-minded and incredibly passionate about design

We approach each project as a blank canvas and an opportunity to create a meaningful, expressive scheme. There are no pre-conceived notions, no assumptions on design direction, and no inclination to replicate the style of a previous concept simply because it proved successful previously. Great interior design requires a fresh approach to each project, and a sense for how to accomplish optimum use of the space. 

As we begin on the design of an interior, we first gain a depth of understanding of the aspirations for the project. Our research in this regard is thorough, based on dissecting the brief and formulating a pathway of inspiration from client meetings, asking thoughtful questions and conducting purposeful analysis of all the information we have garnered.

The creative narrative

When the design direction becomes clear, we begin to develop a creative narrative. The narrative responds to the brief, founded upon providing the correct look and feel to accomplish an interior space that offers the highest level of functionality and efficiency for the client, while providing an engaging environment and pleasant ambience for the end-user. 

Delivering an imaginative and compelling interior design which achieves its purpose involves a large and diverse team of experienced designers. Within our team there is a flair for materials, furnishings and colour schemes, combined with technical expertise and an eye for detail. Perhaps most importantly, however, together we have developed a unique understanding and a clear determination of how people react to space. 

Collaborative design and expressive ideas

Founded on the combination of skills and expertise within our collaborative interior design studio, we have taken numerous complex projects from concept through to delivery. Design sketches, models, mood boards and other aspects of the creative process are translated through our BIM and software expertise before work commences, to ensure the end result matches those original aspirations. 

While each of our projects share an undoubted quintessence; all exude comfort and timeless elegance, our passion is in bringing a purposeful authenticity to every design. At the very core of our design approach will always be style, balance, connection, and facilitating the correct use of the space. 

The Interior Design Team

Tom Skyring

Head of Interior Design

Joelgie Rito

Senior Interior Designer

Martín Manuel Puñal

Senior Interior Designer

Hadeel Kassem

Senior Interior Designer

Hamdi Rafiudeen

Interior Architect

Jean Buenvinuto

Interior Architect

Raghad Ramadan

Interior Architect

Ola Mehaissi

Interior Designer

Marwa Almansoori

Interior Designer

Emma Ion

Project Interior Designer

Enrico Mallari

Lead Interior Designer

James Finch

Lead Interior Designer

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