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Structural Engineering

An integrated approach from concept design through to construction enables us to produce cost effective, high-performance structures; built on budget and designed to last 

Our structural engineering division has a depth of technical and construction expertise along with pure architectural understanding, which continues to help architects fully realise their aesthetic aspirations. We provide a level of structural clarity that adds value throughout the supply chain, pushing the boundaries of engineering to derive ultimate efficiency and value. 

Since 2004, the year in which our structural engineering division was established, we have continually exceeded the expectations of our clients through embracing innovation and displaying sound judgement. Our aim is to intelligently engineer buildings that perform to the highest standard, both operationally and commercially. 

Steven Bailey


“Our structural solutions are as much about invention as they are about engineering.”

Collaboratively enhancing projects from the design stage

Our world-class engineering skills are matched by our technical proficiency, an in-depth knowledge of design and long-standing professional relationships with local authorities. Our teams are fully integrated, with designers, technologists and engineers collaborating on projects from the concept stage to ensure design and delivery is streamlined. A synergy exists between architecture and engineering which helps us deliver optimal solutions that are as imaginative and creative as they are rooted in practicality. 

Overcoming engineering challenges

As a team we carry an awareness of our responsibility to innovate, add value and provide sustainable, thoughtful structures, all whilst complying with international codes, standards and authority requirements. 

Many of our engineers have spent more than a decade with us, delivering projects across multiple sectors, each representing a unique set of engineering challenges. From the deepest basements to some of the tallest skyscrapers, from completing structures on man-made islands to overseeing complex renovation works in historic buildings, our technical excellence is exhibited throughout our growing portfolio. 

Our use of state-of-the-art technology and 3D modelling software helps us as engineers to provide a holistic understanding to our clients and colleagues of precisely how every component of a structure fits and works together. With the knowledge and vast experience we have at our fingertips, and our understanding of how best to utilise these skills, we are able to optimise structural efficiency and to provide design, feasibility and buildability insights from the earliest stage. 

The Structures Team

Steven Bailey


Ahmed Ismael

Associate Director

Basheer Bava


Mona Saleem

Technical Manager

Michael Gaspar

Lead Structural Engineer

Sherif Saleh

Senior Structural Engineer

Celna Liongson

Senior Structural Engineer

Osama Omar

Senior Structural Engineer

Hussein El Sayed

Structural Engineer

Abraham Ninan

Lead Structural Technician

Jisto George

Structural Technician

Sivakumar Govindarasu

Structural Technician

Judith Gamboa

Senior Structural Technician

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