BSBG and associated company BSBL attend The Bartlett Summer Show 2018

BSBG and BSBL have once again provided support to The Bartlett Summer Show for 2018, one of the leading exhibitions of student architecture in the world, hosted by The Bartlett School of Architecture. The show was attended by BSBG Head of Design, Armin Buchbinder along with Iain Strudley, Office Manager and Lead Architect of BSBL in London. BSBL also sponsored the Adaptive Technology Prize for 2018 at the show.

The Bartlett Summer Show attracts many of the world’s top architectural practices and design houses, keen on discovering the talents coming through at the prestigious school in London. This year, four distinct themes were on display over the course of the show: Materials, Nature, Urban and Sustainability.

Adaptive Technology Prize Sponsors – The Bartlett Summer Show 2018

BSBL sponsored the Adaptive Technology Prize at The Bartlett Summer Show 2018, which was this year shared between four winners: Alexander Wood, Henrik Pihlveus, Krystal Ting Tsai, and Shi Qi (Kiki) Tu. The prize is awarded to the Year 5 student who produces the best design project, with reference to their design portfolio and thesis, that incorporates adaptive systems responding to the environmental context. The four outstanding students adjudged to be deserving of the accolade met with Armin and Iain, who were delighted to congratulate them on their outstanding work, before fielding questions on the opportunities promising young architects might find within the fast-paced environment of BSBG and the distinctive architectural landscape of Dubai, the home of the BSBG Headquarters, as well as in London at the recently established BSBL.The Bartlett School of Architecture 2018 Summer show Friends reception , 21, Gordon Street, London.26th, June, 2018.Armin Buchbinder flew into London from Dubai specifically to attend the 2018 Summer Show, and he told us about his impressions of the exhibition at one of the top architectural institutions in the world. “I was very much impressed by the creativity and skills that were on display at this year’s Bartlett VIP Summer event,” he said. “It was exciting to see how the students explored and found answers to various challenges using models, drawings, films and artistic installations. We have several staff who studied at The Bartlett working in our design studio, and for me it was great to witness the determination and creativity apparent throughout the students’ work, up close and in person. Our graduate employment and student internship programme continues to be highly successful, and is testament to our commitment in taking on, nurturing and developing the best new design talent from across the globe.”

The BSBL-sponsored prize encouraged students to explore the depths of their creativity and innovation to develop projects that respond creatively to the environment within which they are placed, or specific programmatic requirements. The projects must further adapt to changes in the environmental context (for example, changes during different seasons) or in the way the project is used.The Bartlett School of Architecture 2018 Summer show Friends reception , 21, Gordon Street, London.26th, June, 2018.“The response from students to this year’s annual Adaptive Technology Prize were hugely impressive,” BSBL’s Iain Strudley told us. “Four winners were selected, each of whom used cinematic atmospheres, sculptural models, simulations of programmatic parameters and adaptive, responsive envelopes within their project work. We had the opportunity to engage with the winning students, resulting in a dialogue following each presentation. Another sterling summer show from The Bartlett, and BSBL is proud and honoured to be associated with this fantastic school of architecture.”

BSBG counts a number of the leading international architectural schools, colleges and universities among its collaborators and partners, including the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) in London, American University of Sharjah, Canadian University Dubai, the American University in Dubai, and the Architectural Technology and Construction Management (ATCM) programme managed by UCN Denmark, hosted at HCMC University of Architecture in Vietnam.

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