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Complete design-led solutions focused on people, their welfare and the use of space, built on a backbone of technical excellence and innovation

+studio is a dynamic, collaborative team of design architects guided by principles defined by Group Design Director, Michael Lewis. The design ethos is founded upon the creation of authentic design-led experiences that positively influence and impact upon people. Our designers have a raw, infectious enthusiasm for crafting meaningful spaces, combined with the confidence to design expressively, intuitively, and not always in a way that is customary. 

Our focus on the use of space is resolute; understanding how people react to spaces, and the emotive connection people have to architecture, materials, colours and textures. The duty of care we put into design helps people feel connected to our projects, which naturally become memorable destinations that people are instinctively drawn to. This is testament to the time we invest in perfecting every component of the scheme. Our belief is that the best projects are those that pay attention to the details. Designs that have this focus will survive and enjoy enduring popularity, because they are crafted beautifully, with thought and reason. 

Michael Lewis

Group Design Director

“Our clients and partners feel a tangible passion for design, and a design duty that acknowledges how people use buildings, and how people experience spaces.”

Design legacy

There are many layers to creating a design that engages with people. Each project has its own context, and for us these layers are interchangeable depending upon the design aspiration. We have a responsibility to sculpt an architectural response, daring to create something outside the realms of what is generally accepted, but definitively based on the same principles of producing outstanding spaces. 

We are aware of our responsibility as designers. We understand that we’re not delivering a solution for a point in time, we are sculpting a space for people, the legacy of which goes beyond the scope of the brief. Our reputation is based on our ability to deliver emotive, flexible designs which provide value not only during the construction stage, but long after they are delivered. We design for the life cycle. This multi-faceted process considers the commercial response, the flexibility of the space; understanding that the building use may evolve with time, and facilitating that.  

Embracing and experimenting with new technology and software

A core component of the experimental aspect to design within +studio comes from our application of software, and exploration of the possibilities and impacts new technology could have on our work. We understand how to design and how to communicate our designs in 3D. This is not only about communication of design with the client, it’s also about getting the best from the consultant delivering the design. 

We communicate the quality of the design, the details, materials, incorporating lighting, signage, wayfinding and landscaping - in 3D. By communicating all these elements in a visual environment that’s accessible, we believe we’ve found the utopia of design communication. People can go inside our spaces and become immersed in the designer’s vision at a remarkably early stage. 

Experience of space

We aspire to lift the quality of design and experience of space, drawing influence from nature, from beautifully crafted examples of design around the world, and from imagining how people will react and interact with our designs. It’s all based on the correct design foundation for the project, or the experience of the space. 



The +studio Team


Scott Orwin

Senior Partner

Omar Emad Fahmy

Design Architect

Nadirnoory Kacheri Veetil

Design Architect

Abdul Majeed Farhath

Design Architect

Dana Ismail

Design Architect

Utkarsh Kumawat


Jake Stones

Architectural Draftsman

Hamdi Rafiudeen

Interior Architect

Alexander Pullin

Senior Architect

Philip Beckett

Senior Design Architect

Liam Atkins

Lead Design Architect

Fernando Juatco

Lead Designer

Roxanne Djaiji

Lead Design Architect

Michael Lewis

Group Design Director

Bashar Swileh

3D Modeler / Visualizer

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