Armin Buchbinder presents design overview of five star hotel at CUD

Brewer Smith Brewer Group (BSBG) Head of Design Armin Buchbinder returned to one of the group’s long term educational partners, Canadian University Dubai (CUD), for the first time in 2019 to take part in the university’s Interior Design and Architecture Speaker Series last week.

In his presentation, Armin detailed the methodology and programme behind the BSBG concept design for a five star hotel, which is currently under construction in Dubai. After giving a brief introduction to BSBG, Armin demonstrated the approach he and his design teams adopted when formulating the concept for the hotel.

From the envelope and façade to the public areas, F&B outlets and guest rooms, Armin’s storyboard presented reasoning and logic behind every design decision, many of which relate to the surrounding landscape and maximising the provision of uninterrupted views across the park to the ocean from the hotel.Armin Buchbinder presents at CUDArmin said: “To create a truly distinctive and memorable guest experience, much of our design focus for the hotel was on the connection between indoors and outdoors, and acknowledgement of the wonderful natural features within the surrounding environment. These features were key drivers of the design, which included the wildlife, undulating elevations, lush green landscapes and oceanic backdrops with memorable sunsets.”

From arrival outside the hotel, the end user begins a journey thought out in precise detail by the BSBG Concept Team. The elevated placement of the hotel is planned in such a way so as to provide at entry unobstructed views directly through the atrium and across the landscape at the back of the hotel towards the ocean. “The arrival sequence is an important and unique characteristic of the design,” Armin says.He also spoke at length about the atrium and the F&B outlets which include a rooftop bar, a gastro lounge and an Indian restaurant. Each of these feature elements provide an intricate part of the story, and a connection which serves to consolidate the design intent and the architectural narrative of the hotel.

CUD Interior Design and Architecture Speaker Series

The Interior Design and Architecture Speaker Series has been organised by CUD with the target of creating a dialogue between private practices and academia, exposing the university’s architecture students to contemporary practices in the field.

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