With heightened awareness of sustainability, conservational and environmental issues affecting the planet, these concerns are now of paramount importance socially, industrially and domestically. Understanding of the urgent need to protect the Earth’s natural resources has spread throughout humanity, and proactive initiatives have been introduced the world over to encourage responsibility in the approach to environmental issues.

Sustainable architecture minimises the environmental impact of buildings, with a conscious commitment made to the effective use of materials, energy and space throughout construction and post-delivery.

This approach comes with many demanding challenges, however BSBG is one of the region’s leading architects in sustainable development, working alongside some key partners to create innovative, sustainable buildings that exceed client and legislative expectations.

New projects in the UAE now have a huge focus on sustainability, and moving forward many clients will have a requirement to achieve high LEED, Estidama, or similar ratings, for their developments.

The future for sustainability in architecture has been marked out by a number of initiatives in the UAE, many of which BSBG has been heavily involved in. We took the roles of Architect and Lead Consultant on the Masdar HQ development – the UAE’s first Estidama 4 Pearl rated project. We have also been involved in a further three sustainably certified projects, and 19 sustainably designed projects.

In these projects, we have developed a true understanding of the elements required to achieve sustainability and environmentally conscious construction, positioning us advantageously to be able to meet the predicted increase in demand internationally over the coming years.